About Cash Now

Cash Now provides emergency cash when you need it. We're a payday advance business with locations throughout Michigan. Our customers choose to use us for a variety of reasons; Late Bills, Doctor Visits, Vehicle Repair...the reasons are endless. Cash Now does charge interest for it's loans, but the interest is typically lower than that of other pay day advance businesses. Please click here to view a summary of our fees. It may be helpful to fill out an application prior to visiting to one of our locations. Please click here to download our application. After completeing the application, bring the application to one of our many locations.

Our Goal
To serve the communities of Michigan with an alternative that is safe and affordable when cash is needed fast.
To keep all transactions confedential, fast, easy and safe.
To help you when you need money the most.
We'll treat you with respect and dignity.
We understand that circumstances arise when you simply need cash now.
Fast, Easy & Safe
Download one of our applications, bring it to one of our many locations, and see just how fast, easy and safe cash now can be.
Near Where You Live & Work
Locations throughout Michigan. Find one thats close to you. Click Here
Money When YOU Need It
We'll help when you need money the most. It's as easy as filling out an application and bringing it to one our locations.
We'll Leave a Good Taste In your Mouth
Cash Now will treat you with dignity and respect. We offer a safe, easy way to get cash now, with lower interest rates than other payday advance businesses.

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